Summer drives UAE car owners to tint

New regulations on the degree of tint you can add to car windows in the UAE have caused a big increase in the numbers of drivers heading to specialist services. With the summer months underway and temperatures soaring, UAE car buyers and owners are taking steps to avoid the heat.

What has changed in the regulations?

Previously traffic laws allowed car owners to have up to 30% tint in their windows. This has recently risen to 50% and there is also now greater leniency on what type of car can have window tinting. Previously, cars used for business purposes were not allowed to add tint, but now company cars can enjoy the same 50% tint saturation, so UAE firms are flocking to take advantage of this.

This means that vehicles such as taxis and trucks can now tint their windows.

The new Federal Traffic Law, which went live on July 1st, still prohibits any darkening of front windscreens on cars, however.

What are the benefits of tinted windows?

Apart from having greater ability to absorb heat, keeping the inside of cars much cooler, darker tints to windows last much longer. Having windows tinted to only 30% means having to restore their effectiveness more regularly.

There is also the question of privacy for women drivers in the UAE. Being able to drive with windows closed but still remain relatively cool is a big bonus.

The sun is so fierce in UAE, it can also damage the interiors of cars, including the dashboard. Having the full force of the sun inside the car also makes it harder for air conditioning systems to do their job and not wear out. The new 50% tint allowance could ensure that air conditioning in cars is more effective and lasts longer.

Alongside the flood of enquiries from car owners to increase the degree of their window tint, auto accessory and repair facilities have reported a significant increase in air conditioning checks and recharges. Clearly drivers are doing all they can to make sure they drive in comfort.

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