Toyota Corolla 2018 launched in UAE

The latest transport news in the UAE is sure to delight any drivers who like things fast and sporty! Toyota have announced that the 2018 Toyota Corolla Sport edition will be launched in the region by the Al-Futtaim motors dealership. This superb Sport edition of a car that is already popular in the UAE is sure to go down well with the area’s automotive crowd.

Sleek looks, sleek lines

The first thing that most people will notice about this 2018 Sport Edition is how amazing it looks. Toyota have done a great job of tweaking the original vibe of the Corolla so this one looks distinct but still with a recognisable shape. The main driver behind this is the all-new Sport body kit that really makes it stand out from the crowd. Other all-new exterior features such as a redesigned bumper and spoiler combination also play their part in helping this edition create its own identity. The sporty look is completed with a new lower grille and side skirts.

Toyota have re-imagined the interior too

Not content with giving the Corolla a fresh look on the outside, Toyota have gone to town on the interior of this model too. In particular, the six-speaker music system with the 7-inch audio display will be a feature welcomed by many drivers of this particular car. The interior itself is comfortable to drive in and gives a real feeling of luxury as you do.

Alloy wheels complete the look

If there is one thing that a sporty car like this needs then it is an outstanding set of alloy wheels. Boasting a set of two-tone 16-inch alloys, this car does not disappoint in that respect. Offering the perfect mix of style and driving control, they are a nice touch by the manufacturer.

Latest edition set to build on Toyota’s popularity in UAE

The original Corolla has become one of the biggest sellers in Dubai and surrounding areas since its launch in the UAE. This latest 2018 Sport Edition looks set to continue that trend and be a car that many will enjoy whizzing around in. With stunning looks and the usual top-class Corolla performance, you may see quite a few of these cars on the roads of the UAE before long!