More electric cars to join the Dubai police force

It seems that the Dubai police force are becoming a regular feature when it comes to car news. Back in August, we told you about the police’s all new BMW i3 Electric super car, and now there’s a new car on the scene. Sticking with electric vehicles, the force have announced a brand new fleet that have been designed with airport security in mind. Due to the fact that the cars are so quiet, you may not notice them whilst you’re making your way through Dubai airport, but the all new patrol cars are highly capable and come with environmentally-friendly credentials.

Dubai Police BMW i3

Fully electric and made by Peugeot, the Dubai police have purchased them in order to help officers secure Dubai’s international airport. The plug-in cars are the latest addition to an increasingly impressive fleet of cars the Dubai police force has at their disposal. Not only do they have several Nissan Patrol four wheel drive vehicles, but there’s also a few supercars thrown into the mix, including an Aston Martin One-77, as well as a Bugatti Veyron and the highly impressive McLaren MP4-12C.

The police announced the acquisition of the cars in a tweet this week, although no information is available just yet on exactly how many of the electric cars you’re likely to see at the airport.

Tesla DubaiThe news follows on from the announcement of 50 Tesla electric vehicles forming part of the limo fleet at the airport. Whilst the police aren’t going to be driving Teslas anytime soon, the Peugeot iOns do provide plenty of performance for a small electric car.

Powered entirely by a 47kW electric motor, which in turn is fed by a 16kW/hr lithium-ion battery pack, the cars are capable of both fast and smooth acceleration, something which will no doubt be absolutely essential for the police force. The fast acceleration is made possible by the impressive 140lb-ft of torque.

So far, the iOn’s exposure to the public has been fairly limited, but they have attracted several good reviews from a variety of car magazines and websites. The ease of driving an iOn has been picked out in particular, with most putting the pleasant and straightforward driving experience down to the fact that the Peugeot iOn has no need for a gearbox.

So, next time you’re at the airport, keep an eye out for the Peugeot iOns – they could be signalling the start of a shift towards electric cars.