Toyota Motor

Toyota Motor ., the largest car producer in Japan, announced that its global production during the past month reached a record level, thanks to strong demand from customers, while warning of the uncertainty of the future, as a result of the continuing shortage in the supply of electronic chips used in the automotive industry and the high number of infections with the Corona virus. in China recently.

Bloomberg news agency quoted the world’s largest car-producing company as saying that its production last November amounted to 833,104 cars, an increase of 1.5 percent annually, while the company’s global sales increased by 2.9 percent to 796,484 thousand cars.

Toyota Motor CorpBloomberg stated that the increase in production reflects strong demand in regions such as North America and its recovery from the repercussions of the new Corona virus infections last year in Southeast Asia, which led to disruption of supply chains. The auto industry is still suffering from a shortage of chips and other auto components, while it will continue to face the challenges caused by the rapid spread of the Corona virus in various regions of China recently.

Early last month, Toyota lowered its production target for the current fiscal year, which ends on March 31, while maintaining its conservative earnings estimate due to a chip shortage.

Last November, the domestic production of Toyota factories decreased by 3.3 percent annually to 266,174 cars, while its production abroad increased by 3.8 percent to 566,930 cars.