Traffic Lights

As the invention of cars become common around the world, most cities became full of autos. This resulted in a lot of traffic jam which requires a lot of traffic police to organize the movement of these cars. In the past traffic police have to work day and night at traffic crossing. However, J P Knight who worked at that time as an engineer for railways signalling thought about finding a good solution for this problem. Therefore, he invented these
Traffic signals in order to make roads safer and to reduce the number of traffic police on roads.

Advantages of Traffic Signals

There are a lot of advantages of obeying traffic signal: firstly, it helps in controlling speed. This is important because of the fact that speed often results in a lot of traffic accidents. For instance, if there are not traffic signal, reckless drivers will not slow down when there are some pedestrians crossing the road. In addition, traffic lights efficiently organize cars movement in crossing to avoid committing accidents.

Disadvantages of Traffic Signals

There is only one overt disadvantage of traffic signals. The allocated time for each line is controlled by the traffic lights. This means when the light is red, drivers have to stop even if there is no any car in the other lines. However, this is excessive delay can be controlled. There should be a traffic police in charge of each traffic light to change the sign swiftly accordingly. All in all, traffic lights are essential when it comes to road safety.