UAE Roads Are Saying Goodbye Accidents

It is true that the UAE roads do say goodbye for road fatal accidents. In the past, there were thousands of reasons for committing accidents in the UAE high roads. But the dilemma of Covid19 reduced that toll death dramatically down. The number of people that often die as a result of road accidents, in the UAE, are much higher. To you your surprise, it is much higher than the number of people who died as a result of contracting Covid19. In the contrary, this dilemma came to the world with some pros and some cons as well.

Pros of the Shutdown

There are many pros that stem for the partial or full shutdown of Corona virus. One of these pros is that the existence of huge number of cars on road decreased dramatically. Furthermore, people say indoors compulsory and should not go out at all. However, there are only some reasons that permit them to go out. These reasons are: fetching food or medicine, providing help and other urgent needs. However, this play an essential role in combating the so-called fatal road accidents. Not to mention, the reduction of air pollutes, i.e. the emission of Carbone dioxide from cars’ exhaust pipes.

Other Gains

The majority of pros form Covid19 seem to turn positive, in some cases. In addition, positive reductions are three folds: toll of death, Carbone dioxide emission and consumption of petrol. In the past, children and many adults die as a result of road accidents. On the other hand, one of the reasons that cause fatal road death is now fading away. This due the partial or full-shutdown. Only handful number of cars flow on roads. In conclusion, the reduction of road accidents in the UAE is due to road restricting-laws.