Sterilization and Free Parking in Dubai

In an attempt to combat Covid19, Dubai issuing a sterilization and free parking to motorists. Have you heard such new? The UAE does is kind of sterilization program, in order, to combat the spread of Coronavirus. It is not only in Dubai, but it is a nationwide program. This kind of unprecedented program will probably become very effective. Another good news, the RTA suspended drivers form paying parking fees during the hours of sterilization. Therefore, this will encourage drivers to carry out this sterilization. Even though the RTA does not do this unprecedented step, drivers will do that.

Further Advantages

It is true that all governments around the world are responsible of fight the virus. But as one hand cannot club, there should be a kind of solidarity. This solidarity includes all people to work hand on hand to apply all regulations. Nobody can deny the essentiality of this program. Worldwide, countries should carry sterilization program, in order, to combat further outbreak of the virus. There are many workers that do this hygiene in public roads. They do it for all parts of the car, including the interior and exterior parts. Goodbye Covid19!!!

Full Suspension

Apart of the precedented measures, all means public transportation will shutdown for during this outbreak. Already, China carried out this unprecedented step for public transportation as well as special one. No one go to anywhere unless there is a justifiable reason for doing so. These trusted reasons include fetching food, medicine or rescuing someone who is in an urgent need. In addition, this program includes: public places, governmental zones and all streets along the whole country. According to a brigadier, the initiative prolongs for a day, and he urged all residents to cooperate with it.