Colorful cars

What does your CAR’s color say about YOU?

Cars have seemingly endless variety of color options, designed to engage with all types of buyers. The very wide variety of cars’colors and types we see in streets, tells a lot, it can reflect the variance of styles and tastes, and it can sometimes tell us how picky people are when it comes to a car.

Whatever the reason, it cannot be denied that color plays a huge role in sales. Statistics say 85% of people like a car, juts because a specific color is making it unique, and 93% perceive the color and the visual appearance as the most important factors when it comes to buying a car, like for example I might fall in love with a Maroon color of #Chevrolet while I would never buy the black one.

Other buyers might be addicted to #Audi no matter what the colors are, it is just about owning Audi!

This is all .. Psychology.

A study conducted found that drivers of black cars were twice as likely to be involved in an accident as drivers of softer, cream-colored cars.

Bright colors are preferred by people who drive performance-based cars. This might justify the bright red color of the typical Ferrari.

What Your Car Color Says About YOU?

  • Silver: You are calm, cool, elegant, futuristic and possibly detached
  • White: You are fastidious, enjoy a simple life, have a strong attention to detail and are possibly a perfectionist
  • Green: You are trustworthy, traditional and balanced, but can also be lively and occasionally hysterical
  • Brown/Beige: You are practical, reliable, down-to-earth and pragmatic.
  • Yellow: You are upbeat, intelligent and young at heart
  • Grey: You are calm, sober and very career-driven
  • Blue: You are confident, quiet and dependable
  • Red: You are energetic, dynamic and have a lust for life
  • Pink: You are gentle, loving and caring
  • Black: You are conservative, empowered, elegant and professional
  • Purple: You are creative, unafraid of stepping outside of the norm and happy to be seen as unique

Which one fits you best?