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How old is your car? Can I buy it!

Do you think there are rules set to the right time of selling your car? Do you usually wait until the warranty is over? or do you sell it when it is not suitable anymore? or do you wait until the car stops working and you need a car to move around?

Well, The great news from Simply Car Buyers, is that there is no particular age of depreciation and value decline rate. Cars might start depreciation in the first couple of months, but it is a matter of a know how to use, how to sustain , and then when to sell.

Always remember , the younger the car, the more it is worth! 

The Market is a major influential factor and this is something no one has a control over, so lets say someone is offering to sell an Audi car and it sold a lot of cars to the daily rental business last month, those cars will come on to the market next month and the price of Audi will drop.

So, when do cars start to go wrong if there is no actual  perfect age for selling in depreciation and price terms? suggests that when cars reach 5 years old their failure rate is higher than at any time in their life, and start to go wrong more from about 60,000 miles.

This justifies the depreciation trap a person might fall in, but leave it a bit late and reliability could be a factor that plays a major role valuating your car. Always consider the fluctuating market as well, as to be informed is very important when it comes to car selling and buying.