Sell Any Car

What service do customers expect when selling their car?

When you’ve dealt with as many clients as we have over the years, you learn a thing or two about customer service.

Much of it comes down to not just common sense, but common manners and decency. After all, the clients we buy cars off expect nothing less on any of those fronts.

However, you can give a good service or you can give a great one. In order to up the ante and go that extra mile – something we encourage all of our employees to do, all of the time – there are certain approaches you should take in order to meet truly professional standards. Here are the top five golden rules we always go by.

  1. Honesty

    It’s fair to say that a lot of people are skeptical when initially coming to us. They’re most likely not experts in the industry and are concerned about the prospect of being ripped off by a clever trickster.

    As such, you’re unlikely to convince any client to part with their motor until they’ve overcome these completely understandable feelings. The best way to do that is to be forthright and blunt from the start, laying all your cards on the table for them to see.

  2. Expertise

    As said beforehand, customers often don’t know much about automobiles or what they’re worth.

    They come to us as they expect us to have these answers, not just in a booklet but off the top of our heads. That kind of expertise reassures clients that they’re in capable hands.

  3. Thoroughness

    In tandem with proving their expertise, our employees also have to ensure that all of their knowledge is passed on to their clients, allowing them to make the most informed decisions possible.

    In order to do this, they have to be prepared to cover every detail they could ever want to know. Regardless of whether each client desires such thoroughness, it’s having the option that counts.

  4. Authenticity

    Clients like to deal with people, not salespeople. Listening to a stream of well-crafted jargon instantly makes people feel as if someone is trying to bamboozle them with information, something which hardly inspires trust.

    Alternatively, speaking in common, conversational tones helps engender a sense of authenticity.

  5. Sense of humour

    Finally, there’s no reason why selling a car shouldn’t be a fun experience.

    Clients like to socialise and have a laugh as much as anyone else, and the whole process becomes a much better experience if they’re able to walk around with a smile on their faces at all times. A keen sense of humour on the employee’s part is the best way of managing this.