What to consider before buying a pre-owned car in the UAE

For many new motorists looking to get hold of their own transportation in UAE, purchasing a brand-new vehicle can prove too expensive. While some Dubai car sales emporiums offer brand new economy cars, luxury cars are often out of the price range for younger, newly qualified drivers.

Thankfully, the pre-owned car market offers a cost-effective alternative. There’s never been a better time to sell any car in UAE, nor a better time to buy a pre-owned vehicle – with that in mind, we’ve devised a guide on what to consider when purchasing a used auto:

Don’t be afraid to number crunch

Car buyers in UAE should do a little bit of research to ascertain the current market value of their prospective vehicle, its potential value, and the amount of mileage on the clock. In addition to this, the buyer should check that the engine, VIN and chassis numbers tally correctly with the car’s documentation.

Check under the hood

If the engine is leaking fluids, or if there are signs of rust on the chassis, it’s wise to reconsider your potential purchase. Likewise, smoke can be a tell-tale sign that all is not as it seems. Blue smoke means that the engine is currently burning oil. Black smoke means that the engine is taking on far too much fuel – walk away if you spot any of these symptoms.

Check the interior

Is there any internal damage to the vehicle? Does the radio work correctly? Don’t be afraid to have a play around with all the switches and devices to make sure they work – check things like indicators, headlights and windscreen wipers. While many of these are minor fixes, if there’s an issue it can put you in a more powerful position to negotiate a better price.

Test drive

Ultimately, there’s no better way to check that a pre-owned car is the right choice than to get in the driver’s seat. Keep alert for any strange sounds coming from the vehicle and get a feel for how smooth the gear changes are. If you’re comfortable with the driving experience, you may feel like you’re in a position to negotiate a price. If not, there are plenty of other dealers selling cars in UAE. Don’t commit until you’re happy you’re getting a fair deal.