Used Car Buying in Dubai

A Wake Up Call : Before you buy a used car

Buying a used car, might make more sense from a financial perspective , but on the other hand it is risky, as you might get deceived or trapped.

You still insist on buying a used car?

Keep these points in mind, and .. Enjoy your safe drive!

  • Always know your limits, budget wise. Don’t underestimate the amount of money you have, just to over rate a used car! set your budget, look at all the minor details before the major ones, make sure that the test drive is fruitful, give it time to think and then do some research.
  • Research the model, don’t rush into emotional thoughts! you might love a car model, but it may not be the best car in terms of use and sustainability. Double check the reviews, and feedback on the model you are looking for and wishing to buy, then move to the third point to take into consideration.
  • Know who is best to buy from.  When dealing with an individual with a little chat and some friendly conversations the bartering process is more likely to come out better than if dealing with a used car salesman. this is not a rule of thumb but it is customary and commonly known.
  • What about Auctions? You will have a good opportunity to save a lot of money if you participate in local cars auctions
  • Don’t buy on impulse! this will absolutely lead you to buy the car before even looking at it, and you will do things like inspecting it in the darkness and overlooking important things, that might be critical. This is something you will REGRET later on, so why bother? be careful from the beginning.
  • Inspection is not only about the car you wish to buy. Guess what? you must inspect the seller too! ask your self if the owner is trustworthy, Would they sell you a car without telling you about all the issues or without being straight forward when you ask about a specific point? You also got to ask your self and use your critical eye, is the owner eager to sell the car to you or not willing to sell it at all?
  • Take your time! It is okay to walk away, and it is always better to prepare ahead of time, think wisely, compare, negotiate and then, do the purchase.
  • Choose what you see best from ALL perspective.

If you could cover all of the points above , smartly, then .. Congratulations on your car!

Drive safe.