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Cars’Interesting Facts:I bit you’ve heard about number 6!!

We all know that cars are very fun to buy, and to use! but have you ever thought to dig deeper into some facts of the cars? or have you ever thought to look into the history of some kind of cars? like to discover new features or new parts that you’ve never imagined they exist?

Well, today we are giving you some behind the scene facts about some cars, that we found interesting!

1- Honda: The Honda CRV, first and second generations, came with standard flip out picnic table! The first generation had an option of a shower kit in the back!

2- Porsche: The first Porsche Sedan was a Studebaker! Porsche actually built a prototype sedan for Studebaker in 1952 and called it the Type 542. It was a big move in production but many see it as prettier than now a day Porsche productions.

3- Austin Maestro: The Austin Maestro had different Genders in different Countries! It was one of the first cars that used a digital dashboard, they had an actress called Nicolette Mackenzie, who used to read the warnings out, like the low oil pressure, the break servicing, and others. In some markets like Spain and Germany, Austin Maestro gave the car a male voice, because Germans and Spaniards wouldn’t have accepted taking orders from women!

4- Saab: People who owned a Saab, could Play a pong !

5- Maclaren F1 : used a Chevy V8 , as it needed an engine to test its gearbox, for the F1. The Maclaren’s motor needed to have enough torque to be replicate their eventual production unit, so what they did was basically a good Ol’Chevy 454 big block!

6- Frisky: a car that an Arab President helped building it from a British micro car called the frisky!

7- In Malaysia, if a car is super expensive, the competitor can have the car’s price raised. and this is considered a weird cars regulation. It happens as follows; Competitors can actually file a complaint to the authorities and the authorities by law, allows them hike up the price of that vehicle (forcefully) to ‘level’ competition-ship. and this happened with the Passat CC that was given a hike of $10,000 from $80,000 to $90,000. And the VW Polo GTI  that has also experienced this obligation, going from $46,000 to $56,000!