animal car

Are these Cars or Animals?

Cars Inspired by Animals

Automakers usually get inspired by things around them to name cars, or vehicles, it feels like:

” I own this whole idea, I have the right to name it the way I want! ” and yeah! they do have that right ..

So, have you ever heard about a car that snores, barks? Meows?

Lets see and understand the “Animalized ” of cars!

1- Barracuda Chrysler Car:

Barracuda Car

Chrysler dramatically captured the styling initiative from GM  the 1967-1969 , 10 Years later, Chrysler came up with Plymouth Barracuda.

Barracuda followed “GM’s flowing styling” from the perspective of used techniques in the car.



Barracuda Fish


What is a Barracuda Animal?

It is a Sea Animal with a big mouth and an outlook th
at seems to look like this car’s look.





2- Volkswagen Beetle Car:

Volks Wagen Beetle Car


Volkwagen car, funky and easy to use one, everyone likes its size and style,

Volkswagen Beetle kept improving and evolving under the skin, and became a reassuring presence in the mod world of the 1960s, and it was a very remarkable 1960s Icon.






What is the Beetle? 

a small insect , with an outlook that looks so like the VW car! mini head, high back ( hutch back) and w leaning down nick with big eyes. How can you hate an insect and fall in love with the car inspired by it? Come on! You will never resist a beetle car.






3- Blackhawk Stutz Car:

Black Hawk Car

a Stutz Car, First Released to the markets in 1930. It was a solid, four-square classic style, wide range of body types, CCCA Classic status, and very rare.

Keep in mind that Elvis Presley had one ! he really loved it.



black hawk


What really is the Black Hawk?

It is a scary flying black bird, looks like an eagle!








4- Impala Chevrolet Car

chevrolet impala


The Impala car model, came as a two-door hardtop and it was the only full-size Chevy model that  offered a convertible body style for the year of 1958. Impala continued to identify the top-of-the-line big Chevy until 1966.



Impala Animal


Who is the Impala that inspired Chevrolet’s makers? 

It is a medium-sized antelope in eastern and southern Africa.






5- AMC Marlin Car

Marlin Car

The 1965 AMC Marlin was a fastback hardtop featured unique car with semi-elliptical side window openings.






Is Marlin a Sea fish? Marlin Fish

YES! a big sea fish, which can reach 5 m in length and 818 kg  in weight. The black marlin, Istiompax indica, can reach in excess of 5 m in length and 670 kg in weight. They are popular sporting fish in tropical areas.