Car and heart

*Images* Cars that broke women’s hearts

Women <3 Cars vs. Men <3 Cars

They always say that women and cars are never on the same track, they also say that women can never feel the beat of love that men feel it when they see specific cars.

What if women do feel this way? you Don’t believe it? Check below a list of cars that women fell in love with .. Those are the heart breakers!

1- Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S Car









2- Mercedes Benz E- Class

Mercedes Benz E-Class










3- Lexus ES

Lexus ES










4- Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius










5- Ford Fusion 

Ford Fusion










6- Subaru Forester 

Subaru Forester










7- Jeep Cherokee 

Jeep Cherokee










8- Toyota Highlander 

Toyota Highlander










9- Subaru Outback

Subaru Outback










10- Honda Odyssey

Honda Odyssey