Blind Motorist Will Be on Roads

The world is developing rapidly and every day we witness new invention. In this blog, we will explore how blind motorists can navigate roads. The world has witnessed robotic drivers or self-driving cars. In the recent future, it will witness blind motorists taking the lead of driving wheels. Since scientists became able to develop a driverless auto, it is not impossible for them to develop one for blinds.

Achieving the Dream

In the past, people were unwilling to believe that there could be a car without a driver. Once again, they have to believe that blinds are on the way to lead cars. However, one could think that this car for blinds is just like the one which is fully autonomous. It is not true, that car is supported by some devices to assist the blinds, but it is not fully automated.

The Challenge

As I have stated so far that the car is designed for blinds to drive, there is a lot of challenge underway for blind to face. No doubt that they have to understand that complex system and deal with the instant reaction in the immediate environment. Once again, the blinds will drive the car not the reverse. Therefore, any blind who would like to drive has to know that base of that devices to deal with them efficiently.

The core of all that devices is the GPS which assist the blinds to detect objects. The car has lots of sensors that notify the driver instantly. There are two gloves that the blind driver has to wear to feel through them. Signals are sent to these gloves by the GPS.