Driving at Different Weather Conditions

Driving is not only about knowing cars’ mechanism; about how to drive proficiently at different weather conditions. There are a lot of motorists that drive on roads without paying attention to weather conditions. For instance, driving during rain is totally different than driving in wind. Furthermore, driving during a flood is not like driving in a foggy day. Anyway, there are certain rules to follow at each weather condition. In this blog, we will explore some useful advice for motorists to follow when they drive during certain conditions.

Wind & Fog

As I have just stated in the introductory paragraph that driving during wind and fog is different. Firstly, in both cases drivers have to slow down in order to avoid loss of control. Therefore, slowing down will improve your concentration and vision. Once again, in both conditions; drivers’ vision ability becomes weak. The picture of the road often appears for them very blurred. In order to avoid this problem, drivers have to use fog-lights. These fog-lights enable motorists to better see the road. In addition, it makes their vision crystal clear instead of unclear vision. The danger of wind is that the car may deviate to different direction rather than the intended one. Contrary to this, during foggy weather, a complete vision disability may happen.

Rainy Weather Conditions

One of the most dangerous weather conditions that drivers come across is driving during rain. Therefore, during this weather condition roads become very slippery. Not only this, but vision will also become so weak. Since these two factors intertwine with this weather condition, motorist should become very careful.  However, motorists have to know that the suspension of the car will also become weak. The problem is that when the driver presses the brake suddenly, the car may slip to a side. As a result an accident may occur, causing injury or death. In conclusion, driving during different weather conditions requires different skills.