Features for Safe Roads: Smart Roads

Smart roads start to show up with lots of safe road-features. In the past, roads were not well prepared, and there were lots of dangers that surrounded them. Risks of accidents were in every spot of roads. In order to combat this issue, road designer designed some features for safety on roads. Firstly, these designers established a two-mile road with lots of paintings to assist drivers follow up their roads. Not only this, but there is a drone that provides your car with a great deal of valuable information. Anyway, this is just the peak of the mountain; there are a lot to do.

Virginia Smart Road: A sample

From all roads around the world, Virginia smart road is unique. This road has two lanes and three bridges. It is 2.2 miles long, and it has seventy five towers for weather forecasting. However, this high tower does not only provide information about the weather, but safety information as well. Therefore, driving through that road makes motorist feel very comfortable and safe. Sometimes, you can see the drones around your vehicle like an annoying fly, but it is not harmful! If you are lucky enough, you will drive through that road one day.


A very Strange Road Spy

May be you are asking yourself now; what is this spy in our roads. The answer is very simple, drone. However, the main function of these drones is not to collect private information about drivers nor cars. The main function for them is to provide drivers with more information. Of course, modern autos have their own technological devices for assisting drivers, but sometimes they stop short! Therefore, drones can bridge this technological gab. To put it in a nutshell, smart roads are very safe, and they will witness a considerable concern.