Maserati to launch pre-owned program in UAE

Maserati is to launch a pre-owned program in the UAE, which is good news for those who are a fan of luxury cars but perhaps don’t have the budget to purchase a new one. The move, which has long been rumoured, is the strongest indication we’ve seen that Maserati is looking to increase its market share. Not only that, but by launching the program, they’re targeting a larger clientele. Dubbed ‘Officine Maserati’, the program will not only be launched in the UAE, but customers in Bahrain as well as Saudi Arabia, Oman and Jordan can also expect to see pre-owned Maseratis arriving soon. It will also be available in South Africa, Morocco, Lebanon and Kuwait.

Fully certified

Maserati Quattro in DubaiUnsurprisingly, the program is fully certified and will underline Maserati’s commitment to care, capabilities and advanced training. This is particularly evident with the inspection all cars undertake before being improved. As part of the service, Maserati is providing all cars with a 121 point inspection, which will be carried out only by Maserati technicians who are factory trained. Any reconditioning work is also set to be carried out according to the brand’s rigorous standards.

Full peace of mind

Speaking about the program, Luca Delfino, Maserati’s General Manager for the Middle East, stated Officine Maserati is set to ‘strengthen our promise’ to the consumer by providing them with the ‘opposite’ of ordinary. With all pre-owned vehicles offering customers everything they would expect from a new Maserati, Delfino went on to say that anyone purchasing a Maserati through the program will benefit from ‘complete peace of mind’ thanks to the 121 point inspection. With a brand name that’s synonymous with luxury and style, it should come as no surprise that Maserati will have one of the toughest processes in place to ensure any Maserati vehicle accepted onto the program is befitting of the badge.


Anyone purchasing a Maserati through the Officine Maserati program can expect to benefit from decent extras including an unlimited mileage warranty which will last for as many as two additional years. There’s also a CPO certificate as well as detailed customer welcome pack.