Pirelli opens world’s fourth P Zero World store in Dubai

The world’s most beautiful and brilliant cars need tyres to match. The car only makes contact with the road via the tyres, so it pays to invest in the best quality.

Those who value reliability, performance, and versatility often find themselves drawn to Pirelli tyres. Now Dubai car lovers have somewhere to test the whole range for their cars – the P Zero World Store, located on Hessa Street in Dubai.

The store is only the fourth in the entire world opened by the tyre giant, following stores in Monte Carlo, Munich, and Los Angeles.

A brand new “tyre boutique”

Pirelli has described the concept of the P Zero World store as a “tyre boutique”. It will be somewhere those with the most exotic cars in the world can access the brand’s premium services and products.

The P Zero World store is the only place customers will be able to browse the whole range of Pirelli’s world-class tyres, including the serious performance-enabling P Zero Trofeo R. Classic car lovers will also find specialist tyres, such as the Pirelli Collezione – melding modern tyre functionality with classic looks.

P Zero World is not just for car lovers, though – motorbike tyres, Velo tyres, and a range of Pirelli branded merchandise are also available. Dubai was chosen by Pirelli for the site of its exclusive store because of the passionate car culture.

The store itself

Comprising the store itself and an attached workshop, P Zero World is spread over six hundred square meters. It’s staffed by two salespeople, a receptionist, and five workshop technicians.

In the workshop, four ramps are present which are dedicated to quickly and efficiently fitting, repairing, and replacing customer tyres. It’s complete with laser wheel alignment technology, automatic tyre-mounting and balancing machines.

If you’re a lover of performance or classic cars, you need to have the tyres to match the vehicle. Pirelli are providing rubber for some of the world’s most incredible vehicles, and now you can try them for yourself to see why they’re so highly regarded.

Browse the entire range of Pirelli tyres today at P Zero World, Dubai.