New legislation permits UAE residents to drive in almost 50 countries without an international license

UAE residents are now eligible to drive cars in nearly 50 countries around the world without the need for an international license. While residents were previously able to drive in Slovakia, Austria, Finland, China, Romania, Serbia and Denmark without having to apply for an additional license, the legislation has been extended to include the following countries also:

• Australia
• Canada
• Bahrain
• Algeria
• Djibouti
• France
• Finland
• Hungary
• Greece
• Iraq
• Latvia
• Italy
• Ireland
• Kuwait
• Jordan
• Lithuania
• Lebanon
• Mauritania
• New Zealand
• Norway
• Palestine
• Oman
• Poland
• Saudi Arabia
• Syria
• Switzerland
• Tunisia
• Turkey
• UK
• Yemen

Likewise, many residents from these countries are now eligible to drive cars in the UAE on their current driving license. Visitors from these countries simply need to submit a legal translation of their license into Arabic, a passport-sized photograph and a letter from their employer.

Dubai Roads

What this means

The new rules are great news for those who travel frequently in and out of the UAE on business, as it provides them with greater flexibility to drive when conducting international business.

Selling car in UAE

While this technically means that visitors would be free to bring their own vehicles to and from the country, those moving away for a prolonged period might consider selling their car in the UAE prior to leaving. This is because many of the countries listed in the new legislation drive on the left-hand side of the road. While it is perfectly acceptable to drive a left-hand drive vehicle in most of these countries, many car buyers prefer the convenience of a car setup for the region.

Of course, those driving luxury cars might not wish to part with their pride and joy and may decide to leave their vehicle in storage until they return. Regardless of individual choices, there can be no denying that the new license rules will provide thousands of UAE residents with greater flexibility when travelling around the world.

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