RTA offering mobile renewal services for used car owners

In positive car news for UAE drivers who need to renew their vehicle’s registration or their driving licence, a Customer Happiness Centre on Wheels may be coming your way.

The initiative has been instigated by the RTA (Road Transport Authority) and consists of a smart bus, which from January 1st to 10th was situated on Al Khawaneej’s last exit. In the bus, you will find a number of useful services such as vehicle reg, licence renewal, and parking cards.

Making life easier

The plan is for the bus to be in service for ten days out of every month, from 4-11pm, travelling throughout different regions in Dubai. Keep an eye on the RTA website and social media platforms to see when the bus is coming near you.

The idea behind the scheme is to make services related to vehicle ownership that little bit more convenient for communities and groups. For example, senior citizens, who may have found other renewal methods to be confusing or impractical.

The bus contains self-service machines to guide users through the process of renewing their driver’s licence or vehicle registration. There will be help and guidance available from employees on the bus, for anyone having difficulty or requiring help.

The Smart City initiative

The service forms a part of Dubai’s Smart City initiative, which seeks to take a proactive approach to making essential services more convenient for UAE residents.

The initiative is already in place, for example, there are Smart kiosks available in the Dubai Smart Police Station which offers its services around the clock. Dealing with people on the phone can be difficult and time-consuming, the transition to more Smart options for essential services both saves time and increases convenience.

The goal is to make it as easy and intuitive as possible to make sure drivers and their vehicles are kept properly licensed and registered. The systems have been designed to be as easy as possible to use, so should provide no barrier to users of any age.

Look out for the RTA bus in your local area, to renew your driver’s license or vehicle registration.