Removing Carbone form Atmosphere: Car Pooling

Can we keep our atmosphere free from Carbone? From the first glance the answer seems to be a resoundnig yes; but how can we do that and can we adhere to regulations easily that way? In the past, this was impossible to happen, because cars were only enough for one passenger. Absolutely, it is hard to belief. Then, as years go by, it became possible for many passengers to accommodate themselves in one car, i.e. four then it became multiple that numbers. Anyway, the new style is carpooling of which many people who are taking the same traffic way go on one car.

Car Pooling: New Stylish Transportation Method

The idea of car pooling stemmed from the escalating problem of global warming. With the small device of technology in our pockets we can car pool together. Simply, you may be crossing the same distance as your neighbor; why not going together then. Delightfully, this can save you many: effort, time and keep the world free from Carbon dioxide. For instance, imagine that two neighbors have to commute everyday from home to work crossing a distance of one hundred kilometers. Every one of them has his/her own car. Instead of this, they can both use one car even if their destination is a bit far from each others. Doing such kind of perfect ideas will help stopping the increase of Carbon emission in the atmosphere.

Not to Be Ignored: Social Distancing

Of course one of the most important features of saving our planet from excessive Carbon is car pooling. However, people should take too much care about social distancing. This is very important because we may save the world and risk our lives. The suitable distance between two people is two meters. However, people will find it difficult because there is no space to do this. Therefore, people can downsize this distance to only one meter or even less. So one car can accommodate two passengers to prevent people from contracting the pandemic. All in all, people should strick a reasonable balance between keeping the world clean and preserve their health.