Serena Nissan Outstanding Magic Features

Serena Nissan got incalculable outstanding magic features. Referring to space, the middle seats are removable to four directions. Most importantly, you can be fold them up, leaving a huge space in the middle of the car. At the back of all seats, there are trays with cup-holders. SoAt, passengers can enjoy having a meal while the car moving. Since there will be some vibrations, the tray has cup-holders help holding cups and avoid sliding or splashing. There is an ISOFIX points, there is one at the back row seat which can accommodate three passengers. The spaces are wide, so no one will feel any discomfort.

The Front of Serena Nissan

Serena is suitable for journeys and road trips. At the zone of the front two seats there is all what passengers do need in long journeys. Firstly, there are the normal cup-holders on doors and there is another one in the dashboard in almost three places. In addition, there is a glove box where you can put your passports and documents. More importantly, you can accompany all of your documentsis, as well as, passengers’ documents safely. What is amusing is the multi-function steering wheel there are many things that you can control from this multi-function steering wheel.

Astonishing Power Access Features

Another astonishing power access feature in Serena is the built-in charging. This means that you do not need to go to any charging point to charge your car. By pressing the button of charging, you will feel the growling vibration of the car’s charger. If you want to get rid of this growling sound you can do this by pressing the button of silent. The center console is very wide providing enough space for putting many stuff. It is a plastic-feel which means it is easily cleanable. To put it in a nut shell, Serena Nissan will make you feel at home. You will genuinely take interest on the car.