Social Distancing Implementation

The implementation of social distancing in the UAE happens before a full shutdown. One of the previous measures that applied by the RTA is banning all means of public transportation. However, in the case of the metro, people should wait for the train with accordance to social distancing. To clarify more, they should keep a distance of, at least, one meter between themselves. At the same time, they should comply with the fact that everyone should wear a facial mask. These kinds of precautions are very necessary for the safety of the public.

Cars Distancing

The so-called social distancing relates to human beings. The question is, what about cars? Should they comply to the law? The answer is that cars do not transmit Covid19 unless someone touches the surface of the car. Furthermore, cars do not transmit the virus, simply, by coming near each other. Direct contact with an infected surface is the thing that passes the virus to a person. Anyhow, the safety distance between autos is for safety only, but it is not because of Covid19. Another interesting thing is that the cooling system in cars helps in ventilating it. This means there is a guarantee that the air becomes renewable in the auto.

Autos’ Ventilators

The ventilation system used in cars is suitable for heating and cooling the car. However, they are very dangerous when someone who contracted Covid19 gets into the car. In contrary, the transmission of the virus will become very easy. Simply, because the air circulates all parts of the car and then it goes back for cooling. It is advisable for any passenger how contracted the virus, or has some symptoms, to wear a facial mask. In conclusion, drivers should because very cautious nowadays to a far extent.