Automatic Emergency Braking System

One of the most recent technologies in car’s world is automatic emergency braking system. This system works harmoniously with cameras, sensors and mechanical systems in the car. Most importantly, the main aim of this system of automatic emergency braking is to avoid accidents. Sometimes motorist get a little bit busy by their phones or other distractors. However, the cameras and sensors can realize that the driver is not attentive and s/he approaches another car or object. As a result, the car’s automatic collision system works to avoid accidents.

Cameras Function

The main function of the cameras is to picture the objects which are at far distance. Then, the car’s collision system receives the signals are interpret them. When this happens the automatic emergency braking system brakes the car. This happens even without the awareness of the driver. Anyway, the automatic emergency collision system gradually absorbs the speed of the wheels. Before this happens the system calculates the distance between the car and the object or the other car. To clarify more, the precaution will take place before the danger approaches more and more. However, it is not true that the cameras alone do all the task of the automatic collision. There are lots of other devices are in line with the cameras.

Smart Sensors in Emergency Collision System

As far as the emergency collision system is concerned, it is a perfect way for getting rid of dreadful accident. By the way, the number of people who lost their life because of cars accidents is more. If you compare this number with those who because of other reasons it is also more. Shedding the light on sensors they are as important as the cameras. The function of the sensors is to send signals to the emergency collision system. In conclusion, the emergency collision system reduced the danger on roads.

Autos Smart Gadgets, Luxury and Safety

Even if your auto is state-of-the-arts auto, you need some smart gadgets for luxury and safety. These gadgets help you to enjoy other features in your car. Sometimes, these technological devices come with the auto’s accessories and sometimes not. Anyway, these gadgets are important, and they will help car owners to cope with up-to-date safety and luxury devices. One of these devices is the USB connector. This connector allows you to connect lots of other devices that work with such form of connection.

Anker Instant Charging

One of the most problematic issues in car is the so-called chargers. Drivers’ smart phones often run out of electricity. When they connect their smart phones to the car’s charger, it takes lots of time to charge just one mobile phone. On the contrary, Anker is an instant car charger that charges any mobile phone or device instantly form the car. It does not charge mobile phones and smart taps only, but it charges any electric device. For instance, sometimes some motorists use extra loud speaker for listening to audios in a high volume of sound. Anker allows them to charge even these loud speakers form the car.



Dashboard Cameras; YI Mirror

Another interesting technological device is the YI mirror. It is located at the dashboard. This mirror has two cameras connected to it as well as an LCD screen that is responsible for organizing your settings. Although this mirror is modern and very helpful it is not expensive. It helps drivers to get rid of lots of distraction. Furthermore, drivers can locate it to the place that they feel relax with. This mobility makes YI mirror ideal for many drivers. The main function of this mirror is to provide drivers with any information that assist them to drive in an enhanced way.

Features for Safe Roads: Smart Roads

Smart roads start to show up with lots of safe road-features. In the past, roads were not well prepared, and there were lots of dangers that surrounded them. Risks of accidents were in every spot of roads. In order to combat this issue, road designer designed some features for safety on roads. Firstly, these designers established a two-mile road with lots of paintings to assist drivers follow up their roads. Not only this, but there is a drone that provides your car with a great deal of valuable information. Anyway, this is just the peak of the mountain; there are a lot to do.

Virginia Smart Road: A sample

From all roads around the world, Virginia smart road is unique. This road has two lanes and three bridges. It is 2.2 miles long, and it has seventy five towers for weather forecasting. However, this high tower does not only provide information about the weather, but safety information as well. Therefore, driving through that road makes motorist feel very comfortable and safe. Sometimes, you can see the drones around your vehicle like an annoying fly, but it is not harmful! If you are lucky enough, you will drive through that road one day.


A very Strange Road Spy

May be you are asking yourself now; what is this spy in our roads. The answer is very simple, drone. However, the main function of these drones is not to collect private information about drivers nor cars. The main function for them is to provide drivers with more information. Of course, modern autos have their own technological devices for assisting drivers, but sometimes they stop short! Therefore, drones can bridge this technological gab. To put it in a nutshell, smart roads are very safe, and they will witness a considerable concern.

Light Detecting and Ranging Sensors

Light detecting and ranging sensors assist motorists in many ways, it displays risks on the dashboard.  With reference to technological development, navigation by lights seems to witness a leap. In the past, the rate of accidents on roads increased dramatically. Therefore, the majority of car manufacturers became very concerned about this complex issue. They excreted a lot of effort to solve this difficult problem. As a result, the number of road accidents started to decrease dramatically and the number of accident-victims started to vanish as well. Anyway, unless car makers excrete a considerable amount of effort to combat road accidents the problem will escalate. And they will not be able to pave the road for safe driving.


Is light Detecting and Ranging Sensors cost-effective?

Firstly, light Detecting and Ranging Sensors are perfect solution for car accidents. Nobody can deny the fact that this LiDAR revolutionized the way drivers lead cars on roads. Since problems and solutions always go hand on hand. LiDAR passes across lots of problems. Some of these problems is that it costs an arm and a leg. In order to install LiDAR into your car you need lot if money to do so. If the cost of your car is 550,000 dollars, to install LiDAR costs you a worse 10,000 dollars. From this point, problems related to LiDAR escalates. However, there should be some serious actions to solve this problem.



The Super Help of LiDAR to Motorists

In the past, motorists did not enjoy any technological assistance in driving. They navigate very long ways alone without any technological support. However, this risk resulted in many road accidents that took place many years ago. But gradually, they started to enjoy such kind of technological support with the appearance of LiDAR. Instead of paying lots of attention on road, LiDAR will detect every risk on road and show it to the driver on the dashboard. All these elements appear in their own forms including human beings and animals. For instance, a picture of human, animal, rock or any object appear on the dashboard. This happens before the driver sees them actually on the road.

Traditional vs. Modern Autos

The appearance of technological device drew a line between ancient and modern autos. In the past decades, people around the world used traditional methods of travelling. No one dreamed that one day travelling from the far west to the far east may take just few hours. Out of the blue, cars appeared to solve all problems related to distance and danger of roads. For a little while, traditional means of transportation disappeared from downtowns. That traditional means of travelling then centered at the outskirts of undeveloped regions.

Ancient Autos

In the past, even the ancient autos were very appealing to people. Because of the fact that they were the only option. But as the world continued marching the long journey of advancement, there is a little change. People started to change their mind about ancient autos and followed up different trends. Even though, old cars seem to be unwelcomed these days, some people do prefer them. The main reason behind this is that they are so classic and stylish. This is not the only feature that characterizes old-fashioned motors, but they are strong and safe as well.

Modern Motors

On the other hand, modern autos are so safe by means of technology. For instance, some decades ago, the number of accidents around the world were a lot. But after the use of the ABS which stands for automatic braking system, the number of accidents decreased. This simple feature was absent from that decades. Not only this, but motorists can even navigate various roads through the GPS before driving. This will help the drivers to combat the problem of time and effort wasting when driving through occupied roads.