EV charging Dubai

UAE launches scheme to install free EV charging points across country

In an effort to cut emissions and reduce its dependency on conventional fuels, the UAE has been trying to encourage the uptake of electric cars for several years. Various incentives (including free parking) are available to electric vehicle-drivers and charging stations have been widely installed across several Emirates. In addition to these existing incentives, the UAE authorities have recently launched a new scheme that will dramatically improve the affordability and convenience of utilising electric cars.

electric car parking DubaiThe UAE plans to install free electric car charging points across all its Emirates. This will ensure that electric vehicle owners will always be able to find somewhere to charge their cars while also enabling them to save money.

Hybrid car owners may be a little disappointed by the scheme, as the new charging points will be reserved exclusively for electric cars that produce no emissions. The scheme is designed to persuade drivers to choose the cleanest cars on the market, so it makes sense to limit charging point access to zero-emission vehicles only.

Many of the new charging points will be provided by Tesla, one of the world’s foremost electric vehicle manufacturers and innovators. As a result, drivers of electric cars can rest assured that the charging points will work perfectly. What’s more, they should be fast and efficient. According to a recent article published in Gulf News, during a one-hour charge, a charging station should provide enough power for a typical electric vehicle to travel 100km. Drivers will only have to charge their vehicles for a few hours in order to get enough power to cross long distances.

Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah are already involved in the scheme, so if you live in any of these emirates, now is the perfect time to purchase a zero-emission electric vehicle. It might seem like a big investment, but you’re bound to save money in the long-run.

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