Dubai Roads

Dubai’s roads are being improved in time for Expo 2020

If you’re interested in the world of technology and innovation, you’ve probably heard of Expo 2020. The event (which is inspired by the Great Exhibition of 1851) will be held just over two years from now and will showcase major developments in technology, industry and other areas of innovation. UAE residents should be particularly excited by Expo 2020, because it is going to be held in the thriving and futuristic city of Dubai. What Dubai’s residents may not realise is that Expo 2020 is already having a major effect on their city, as the event is driving major infrastructure development. Dubai’s authorities want to create iconic structures and landmarks for the exhibition that will last long after the event itself is over. They are also in the process of improving existing pieces of infrastructure.

UAE motorists like you will be affected by these changes. This is because Dubai’s road network is being dramatically improved for Expo 2020. This is a sensible move, as thousands of people will flock to Dubai while the expo is going on. The roads will need to be able to cope with the extra traffic. However, the improvements to Dubai’s roads will obviously remain in place after the expo has finished. They will be part of the expo’s legacy by permanently making life easier for ordinary motorists.

Including the plans to overhaul Dubai’s road network, the emirate currently has more than two hundred transportation projects in progress. But what sort of changes should you expect to see on the road network you use every day? It is likely that road layouts will be improved in order to make driving safer while additional roads will be added to ease traffic congestion. Roads may also be redesigned to better accommodate self-driving cars and other autonomous vehicles.

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