BMW I8: Electric Autos Astonishing Power

One of the astonishing powers of electric autos is BMW I8. This auto is absolutely amusing. One of the most interesting features is that there are some holes. The location of these holes is on the both sides of the back tyres. Not only these, but there are other holes under the same tyres. This feature enables the air to pass through without any obstruction. In other words, the power of propulsion of the car increases. This feature is not present on other autos even those which are modern they lack this feature.

The Exterior of BMW I8

The exterior of BMW I8 is fascinating and genuinely designed. The thing that attracts the attention here is the turn lights. This is because there is a moderate line of light between the side turning lights. However, BMW I8 applies a wide diversity of unique features that are not present on other autos. For instance, the entire hatch of the car opens when you put luggage or baggage on it. This feature is pretty important because of the fact that it provides wide space. There are lots of different moods on the car, such as, echo and sport moods. Those are the most common ones.

The Interior of BMW I8

One of the most interesting features of the interior of BMW I8 is the touch technology. So, through this touch technology you can write on the screen easily. This is perfect because of the fact that when driving, writing becomes difficult. Furthermore, fabulous features of door opening are that they open upward. Therefore, in order to get in the car; you have to slouch. How ever it is not easy to get in and out the back of it there are certain ways to follow.

The 700,000$ Nissan Juke-R: Soaring Price

The Nissan Juke-R has a soaring price of autos ever present in the world. However, this soaring price stems form the fact that it is a perfect auto from different aspects. Firstly, referring to size this car is a compact one. It is medium – not very big not too small. Furthermore, it is suitable enough for multipurpose function auto. Although it looks like Toyota Corolla it is slightly different. Honestly, many auto fans do like the former much more than the later for many reasons. Firstly, the strength, Nissan Juke-R is a very strong auto that can bear lots of problems. Furthermore, it can cross long distances quiet easily.

The Appearance of Nissan Juke-RNissan Juke R

Nissan Juke-R looks very smart because of the decoration that the designers used. Referring to the front of the car it has a sporty appearance. The second thing, there is a very long line the rotates the car from all sides. This long line decorates the car with a red color. Furthermore, it makes a kind of a striking harmony with the side mirrors of the car. To clarify more, the color of the long line is red, as well as, the color of the side mirrors.

The front of the car also has perfect design and decoration. The lamps are circular and they are very large. This size is important to light the road during dark nights. Surprisingly, the side signals look like the eyes of a crocodile. This feature is very unique and is not present in other autos. Not only this, but these crocodile-like eyes help in clearly lightening the road. This is because of the fact that the designers used LTD lights technology in this auto. In conclusion, these crocodile-like eyes auto have no any competitor.

Lotus Evija: Applying Fantasy to Reality

One of the cars which applies fantasy to reality is Lotus Evija. The company designed the entire structure of the car from the fiber. Many may see this feature as a normal feature that is not different from other cars made of steel. But on the other hand, carbon fiber has many advantages. First, the lightness of the car. Carbon fiber is lightweight and this is very important. This is because the weight of the car negatively affects the efficiency of the machine. Not only that, it reduces the speed of the car as well.

Formula One and Lotus Evija

There are many similarities between Lotus and Formula One in light weight, strength and speed. Both of these cars have these excellent qualities that many other cars lack. The car weighs 129 kg. In addition, we say that this lightness helps reduce the percentage of fuel used. Not only that, but this helps in the wholistic control of the car. Another advantage is that the car is a one-piece that gives it a lot of beauty in the view. This feature is pretty important. Furthermore, there are some other additions done of achieving the same purpose.

There are side openings in the car that in turn help drain the air smoothly. And for the third time, the car’s speed increases here. On the other hand, these openings contribute to the car’s beautiful view and look like a racing car. Furthermore, don’t forget that the car is fully electric and that means it’s environmentally friendly. Its contribution to air pollution is zero. On the other hand, this helps reduce reliance on unclean fuels such as benzene and gasoline. One of the most important features that makes this car unique is the use of clean fuels.

Farewell Side Mirrors: Welcome Smart Cameras

Most car partnerships replaced the side mirrors of modern cars with modern cameras. So, these cameras operate at very high resolutions that exceed the efficiency of the human eye. Accordingly, traditional mirrors replaced by cameras that provide the driver not only with image but with video. This is because many of those interested in developing automotive do so. Thanks to Matrix Laser Technology, which deals with this modern technology. This innovation gave Audi the opportunity to make an unprecedented breakthrough in the automotive world. This kind of modern breakthrough seems elusive in the minds of many people. However, the luxury of modern cars, especially German ones, makes this fantasy a reality.

Itron side cameras

German cars like Audi were not satisfied with using side cameras instead of traditional mirrors. It even equipped the car with rear cameras and modern sensors. These modern cameras and sensors work in perfect harmony to increase the vehicle’s efficiency. Therefore, it increases the accuracy in obtaining information. It is important to obtain accurate information in a timely manner, avoiding many problems and accidents. When driving at breakneck speeds, the car calculates the correct speed for that curve. In light of this accurate information, the car works to adjust the speed.

Advanced Control

There is an advanced control system to get an image of the road from the side cameras in the car. Most importantly, the car provides the driver with an alarm about driving at high speed and approaching slopes or bridges. It is very surprising that these cameras are closely linked to the car’s automatic braking system. For example, drivers may drive at a speed that does not fit the road. In this case, the car reduces the speed automatically. In conclusion, goodbye to side mirror, welcome cameras.

Modern Automotive Technology: Absolutely Amazing

There is a lot of very amazing modern automotive technology around the world. One of the most recent of these new technologies caused an uproar is the number plate flipper. It is true that it is a simple technique. However, it caused lots of controversy, as the driver appears in a fictional movie. S/he can change the plate number whenever and whenever s/he wants. However, this technology discontinued due to a curb on increasing crime. This enables many of the fugitives to get out of prosecution.

The Digital Side Mirror

One of the modern technologies that emerged recently is the digital middle and side mirror. These two mirrors reflect a more accurate picture in terms of distances. Also, the image that reflects the driver is much closer to the real vision of the naked eye. Not only that, but the middle mirror reflects the rear of the car in an amazing way. Furthermore, it enables the driver to clearly see the car behind him and know the safety distance left. Moreover, there is a front screen that provides the driver with all required information while driving. For instance, speed, front and rear safety distances. It is important that this screen reverses the distances that enable the driver to turn quickly and safely on highways.

The screen alerts the driver if he exceeds the permitted speed. It also notifies him if the used speed does not suit the road. Moreover, the information is projected onto windshield without affecting the driver’s vision. Importantly, the screen changes the colour of writing information on windshield according to the reflected light. This means that seeing the information on the windshield will not be noisy at night or day. All weather conditions will not affect on the resolution of the information.

Stunning Hyundai Santa Cruz Pickup

One of Hyundai’s most impressive cars is the Santa Cruz pickup that shown to motorists. This is a trial run of the car which has a lot of fans in this trial period. Furthermore, Hyundai targets the new generation who has the desire to own a modern and multi-purpose. This is not the only goal for them. Moreover, they aim at designing a car with a beautiful shape and attractive models. So, Hyundai designed this amazing car that combines almost all of the previously mentioned qualities.

Modernity of Manufacturing and Design

The Santa Cruz Pickup has very nice front end that has a hexagonal shape of beehives. As for the lights, they are very beautiful in shape and have strong lighting. One of the things that draws attention is that the brakes are painted yellow instead of red. This is not common among other cars. In addition, the upper part of the front mirror also painted yellow. This creates harmony in the side reflective colors. The tyres are large and metallic, reflecting the extreme yellow color of the brakes. What reflects the wits of the car’s designers is that it looks like it has two doors. However, the Santa Cruz pickup has rear doors that open backwards to facilitate smooth entry.

Engine Efficiency

The Santa Cruz pickup equipped with a highly efficient two-litre diesel engine and a turbocharged generator to provide the car with more speed. This car is characterized by the high speed of one hundred ninety horsepower and four hundred. In addition to and torque of rotation which transmitted to all the wheels of the car. This makes it efficient with high speed and control. These are the characteristics of the Santa Cruz pickup, so we advise you to own one right now.

Novice Technology: Autos Do Understand Gestures

One of the novice things in cars’ technology is understanding your gesture by the auto itself. However, in order to do that there are lots of sensors installed in the car to achieve this goal. What all the driver should do is to wave his/her hand and the sensors will apply what is required. For instance, if the driver or the passenger waved his hand in front of the air condition, it will work. However, for the door the same action happens with an additional thing. The additional this is the pressing of the near space of the door. This is important to better control the opening and the closing of the door.

Self-driving Assistance

The other novice technology is the self-driving assistance. This is one of the most essential features in modern cars. Beside being essential, it becomes as taken for granted option. This is because of the fact that the striking majority of the drivers do spend too much time on roads. In order to make use of this wasted time, self-driving autos is the best option. It will assist drivers to make use of the lost time and effort.

A very Convenience Navigation

Another additional feature of self-driving auto is that they have a very convenience navigation. To clarify more, the car makes you headache free from maps following up, on one hand. On the other hand, maps following up during top gear driving may put the driver at the risk of committing accidents. Therefore, self-driving autos will relief this problem by guiding the drivers very smoothly to their destinations. Meanwhile, they can achieve a great deal of their work during that a very prolonged journey. In conclusion, self-driving will solve much of the problems tangled to time and effort wasting.

Renault Safrane; Subtility Behind Autos’ Design

One of the fascinating autos worldwide is Renault Safrane which shows up subtility behind autos’ design. This auto company is a French one that aims at manufacturing stylish autos. Even though the company has very limited commercial succus it remains as the most expensive autos. The car designers later thought about replacing it with Vel Satis which is from the same family. However, finding another way is one of the reasons behind the survival of Renault Safrane. By now, every rich person often owns this car for thousands of reasons.

The Reason Behind Succuss

One of the reasons that make Safrane a very interesting auto is that it utilizes a five-door hatchback. This novice style often attracts that attention of auto fans. Furthermore, the five-door hatchback is a very famous youth style which even the old-fashion auto fans like. Despite the stylish design that many saloon executive autos, Renault becomes distinguished by the fifth door. Another very interesting feature that characterizes Safrane is the practicality of the rear door. In addition, drivers can split the folding back seats. However, this feature is not present in many other sedan cars.

Attractive Unique Appearance

If any auto fan looked at Renault, he or she will probably admire the car. There reason behind this admiration is that the company enhanced many features related to body. One of the most essential features that this company improved is noise reduction. Engine’s noise is a negative feature that many auto manufactures got rid of it. For instance, German autos are the best example in engine’s noise reduction. To your surprise, the vibration test of the engine is done by coins. To clarify more, they put a coin at the auto’s dashboard, if it falls on startup, they revalidate the engine.

Citroen C5 Air cross SUV car

One of the most flexible cars around the world is Citroen C5 Air cross SUV which is a trendy car. It is very flexible to relax on like cushions. It is not very expensive, it is cost-effective. Therefore, many auto experts do advise buying this car. Another advantage is that Citroen is an SUV. This means that every one can use this car for multi-functions. To clarify more, people can use Citroen C5 as a family car to travel everywhere without paying much money. Furthermore, they can use it for transporting many things such as goods and other stuffs.

Characteristics of Citroen C5 SUV

It has a very distinguished machine that is very powerful. In addition, it has a 3D rear lights. The side air bumper which has harmony with the roof of the car. This is on terms of color. It is very strong auto. At crash tests, Citroen C5 Air cross SUV proved very distinctive results. To put it very clear, when there is an accident with another auto C5, always, got very little damage. You can realize this when accidents occur. However, this should not provide you with motivations to do so.

Stylish Interior Parts of Citroen

The interior of this car is very stylish and there are many updates done on it. All interior parts have a very softy texture. This is not important only for providing more rest, but in cleaning as well. Even though these parts have a softy texture they are very solid. Drivers and passengers alike have enough head roof. This provides a very clear view of the street. If you want to enjoy driving you have to try Citroen C5 Air cross SUV. In conclusion, C5 Air-cross SUV, undoubtedly, has no any counterpart at all.

Autos’ Novel and Overwhelming Ideas:

One of the most overwhelming and novice ideas related to autos is flood guard. The flood guard is a novel way for guarding autos against floods. In many countries, floods often carry away thousands of autos annually. Therefore, the flood guard will prevent cars against such kind of inconveniences. The flood guard is a kind of strong suck used for parking the car inside it. Two people take hold of it and the driver should go in. After driver goes out, they shut the suck and they tie it to a rigid column. If the flood comes by it can not wash off the car.

Alleviating Autos Atmosphere

In one of super cars, the driver is supported by a glass helmet. Apparently, the function of the helmet is to protect the driver, right? The answer is absolutely yes and no. The main function of the helmet to protect the driver when there is a car crash. Most importantly, the helmet provides the drivers with the required amount of oxygen and water while driving. For drinking water, the driver should only press on a button and the water flows immediately to his/her mouse. This is fascinating.

No Doors

The other super car has no doors at all, however, there are some holes on both sides of the car. Referring to shape and design, it is undoubtedly elegant. The back of the car is gorgeous with a shape camel’s back! On the other hand, the front has a leather strap which keeps the hood shut. On fact, this is not true the leather strap functions as a decoration, giving the car a traditional shape. In the steering wheel, there is a fascinating device like an iPhone. This device helps providing the driver with almost all required information.