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Luxury Sedans – The Class In Itself

The market of luxury sedans is expanding fast; courtesy to the rising prosperities across the social spheres around the world. The manufacturers are upbeat and engaging in continuous refinements so that the process of luxury cars’ evolution is never halted. In fact, it is this evolution phenomenon that has kept the demand for the luxury […]

The Bentley Bentayga – Dreams Become a Reality

Bentley and SUV weren’t previously two words you would normally see in the same sentence, but that is all about to change with the unveiling of the Bentley Bentayga at last year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, taking place this week. Bentley have released the first official photographs of the vehicle, and they are certainly enough to […]

Achieving the Perfect Hand Wash When Cleaning Your Car

With our hectic work and social lives, it’s little surprise that many car owners opt to take their vehicles to the nearest automated car wash, in preference to cleaning them themselves using traditional elbow grease to achieve a beautiful finish. While a car wash may be quicker and involve expending as much energy as is […]

How to Spot a Trader When Buying a Car in Dubai

Buying a secondhand car in Dubai can prove to be a major mistake, but then again it can also prove to be the best investment you ever make during your time here – you simply need to research the car buying market in Dubai, know what to look out for in a secondhand car, and […]

Why Avoid Buying a Car from a Trader in Dubai

With the month of Ramadan now underway, and very nearly finished, now is definitely the right time to buy a car in Dubai. This is because the ‘season of giving’ has the effect of encouraging car dealers to offer lower prices, as well as a treasure trove of other incentives to buy a new or […]