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About Us

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SimplyCarBuyers was launched to make the car selling process easy and hassle free. We know that when people want to sell a car in Dubai, they want a hassle-free, honest and reliable service without worry, and we are here to make it happen!

A leading car buying service in Dubai

We are a leading car buyer service in UAE and we have built up a strong reputation with our customers as being a trusted partner for when they wish to sell their car. In fact, many of our customers are happy to use us every time they are ready to sell their car, for any reason, either they need cash, additional funds or in order to upgrade to a newer model!

So what it is about SimplyCarBuyers that makes us stand out from the competition?

We offer:

  • Great service - each and every time. You can trust the SimplyCarBuyers quality difference.
  • Quality as standard - our business and service is built on the values of quality, trust, honesty and professionalism.
  • No hassle - we know that selling a car can be difficult and time-consuming with traditional routes, but we make it simple and remove the stress.
  • A free online valuation and inspection - let our technology and our team do the hard work for you.
  • A fair price - never undersell your car again!
  • An immediate sale - even if your car is broken, damaged or under bank finance - we can usually buy cars in all conditions
  • The help of a professional - friendly team ready to help you enjoy an easy sale for the right price.

Interested? Then find out more!

  • Great service - every time

    We go above and beyond when it comes to service and customer experience. We are the experts in how to sell cars in Dubai, and we offer a complete package of care, consistency and delivery on our promises.

  • Quality as standard

    Our roots are based in the UK, which explains why our business is modelled on the strictest standards of professionalism and service. We work hard to respect our customers' time and to ensure that we don't waste a moment of it. We follow many best practice processes, above and beyond legislation. For this reason, we also hire the best staff in the business - building on our 15 years of industry experience to provide you with the most convenient way to sell your car in Dubai. We also invest in our staff so that their continuing professional development translates into a superior customer experience for you.

  • Zero hassle

    We know that traditional routes to selling your car can be challenging, stressful and time-consuming. We are here to offer you our industry knowledge and experience and make sure you never have to experience that frustration again! Rather than dreading the prospect of selling your car, simply complete your free online valuation with us today to see instantly how much you will get for your motor if you sell to SimplyCarBuyers.com. Remember, we always offer market fair prices, a rapid sale and a completely smooth and hassle-free process.

  • Free valuation and inspection

    When you sell your car with SimplyCarBuyers, we also provide a free car inspection alongside our free valuation. It takes just five minutes to get started. Simply enter a few details and we will do the rest for you. Remember, we will always offer a fair price.

  • A fair price

    Our online valuation tool gives you a fair price based on the true value of your car. Many people simply don't know how much their vehicle is worth and end up accepting an unreasonably low price through car buying firms that charge too much, or through poor part-exchange deals. Our valuation tool is regularly updated to take into account changing market conditions and pricing trends, so that you can be certain of receiving a fair price.

  • A great team!

    We are a highly professional team of car buying experts - but alongside this, we are friendly, helpful and welcoming to customers. You needn't worry about feeling pressured or given the 'hard sell' when you use SimplyCarBuyers; we put great customer experience at the heart of everything we do and will always answer all questions and queries in order to provide a fully transparent, open and honest service that you can trust.

  • A secure transaction

    From the moment that you use our online valuation tool to the point that you sell your car to us and receive instant payment, you will have peace of mind that your transaction is being handled safely and securely. We take our customer's information and privacy seriously - following all legislative requirements and additional best practices for a quality transaction.