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Pre-Purchase Inspection

Before you buy, Inspect!

If you have your eye on a second hand car, relax, we will do all the pre-purchase inspection for you. While it is great to bring your own company who knows about cars for advise, It is definitely a good idea to have a professional consultant and an experienced mechanic who will give you an extremely detailed and accurate report about the car's condition, history and overall value.

Why Shall I have Pre-Purchase Inspection?

It is extremely important to have Pre-Purchase Inspection before you complete the sale for the car you got your eyes on. We highly encourage you to have your Pre-Purchase Inspection with the best professionals in the market, which is exactly what we offer you. Here is why you would like to have your Pre-Purchase Inspection with us:

  • We unleash the car's problems before they tire your expenses
  • We help you know the actual market price of the car and negotiate a better deal for you
  • We advise you on the issues which makes the car a "no-no" deal for you
  • You will have your complete inspection in 25 minutes
  • The complete inspection will cost you only 200 AED

What will the inspection cover?

We reveal all the defects and imperfections especially the untold ones. We hand you the true mileage of the vehicle, Our extreme up to date diagnostic equipment are connected to the car sensors where it retrieve diagnostic trouble codes, examine ignition parameters, and get other important information that give accurate information regarding the car's condition.

Our diagnostic equipment analyze all the inspection points, including engine, transmission, AC and climate control, brakes, suspension, body, interior, airbags, gaskets & seals, exhaust, electrical components, lubrication and virtually each and every important vehicle component.

Our pre-sales inspection service team advise you on the real market price of the vehicle you want to buy, based on the overall condition and the specifications of the car. You can have it all in just 25 minutes at only 200 AED.

How Can I have my Pre-Purchase Inspection?

Simply fill in the above online valuation and by the end of it, you will have booked yourself an appointment. On the scheduled date, kindly head to our premises where you will be served and handed your Pre-Purchase Inspection report.

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Before you buy, Inspect!

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