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Do you seek a fast, easy, and hassle free way to sell your Daewoo? Look no further! Simply Car Buyers can help. We can guarantee that you will not find better customer service anywhere else. We provide safe and effective means of selling your used car. We truthfully appreciate all kinds of Daewoo models. We will also buy your Daewoo whether you car is in pristine condition or ready for the junkyard. We are willing to give you a fair and honest assessment of your Daewoo and will take any and all additional features the car might have into account when quoting a price. To get a great price for your used Daewoo, contact us without delay to set up an appointment. We promise to provide a obligation-free, fast and stress-free transaction.

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Daewoo was born in 1967 in South Korea. Although being relatively new on the market, Daewoo is already an established car manufacturer. All of this is due to their practicality and high proficiency in fuel economy. Daewoo pride themselves with one of the safest cars know yet to man. General Motors acquired Daewoo in 2001 and now they are being rebadged as models for other subdivisions, such as Chevrolet, Pontiac and Buick.

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