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Simply Car Buyers offers to buy your used Cadillac, regardless of its age and condition. Whether you're ready to send your Cadillac to the scrap pile or it's in almost pristine condition, we will buy it. Here, at Simply Car Buyers, we have a team of experts that will assess the condition of your car, taking into account relevant information like body wear, mileage, technical problems and so on. We do that so we can offer you a fair and competitive price, but rest assured, we truly buy any car in any condition. If your car has extra features like custom paintwork or modifications done to its engine, the price that you'll receive will go up.

We pride in our fast services so when you finally decide that you want to sell your used Cadillac, we'll give you the money the very same day. Simply Car Buyers offers a free, no obligations online valuation service that will give you an estimate price on your vehicle. You can refuse our offer at any time, but rest assured, we strive to give you the best possible price. We are interested in all Cadillac models, including the CTS, Escalade, STS, SRS Crossover and many more.

Owned by General Motors, nothing says American more than a Cadillac. Founded in 1920, this luxury car prides itself in being reliable and always delivering high performance and efficiency. Driving enthusiasts love the expressiveness of the Cadillac and its great handling.

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